new EP by anton – 6 amazing tracks of study beats!

Meanwhile enjoy antons first album

A Journey Into Sound

15 chillhop tracks by upcoming german producer anton

»WTF is Chill Hop?!«

Chill Hop blends elements of Hip Hop, Chillout, Dub, Reggae and Jazz into a beat-driven but low-tempo electronic music at about 70 to 90 bpm. Chill Hop producers like Anton often use low fidelity (»lo-fi«) sampling techniques like the nostalgic aesthetics of scratching vinyl records, noisy samples and dry drums. They are seeking for a groove that is deeply relaxing and reminiscent of ambient style, elevator music or easy listening. The style is also called study beats, as they use the tracks as background while learning or doing concentrated brain work. Though belonging to the Hip Hop genre, Chill Hop tracks typically are instrumentals, so Anton does not (or very seldom) use Rap for overdubbing.

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